I believe that I am a woman that can have everything my heart desires. I have proven it time and time again that I have a way of manifesting things. So, why are there times that when I start getting a good momentum and things start falling into place does that ugly voice in the back of my head creep out to whisper mean things to me like, “Who do you think you are?” “What makes you so special?” “Why do you think you deserve someone like that?” “Why do you deserve to have everything you desire when others have nothing?” “What is so great about you that you think you can be happy?”


Where does this voice even come from? When did I start to deplete my tanks of belief in myself so much that they started to fill up with such negativity? I have worked too hard to be back in this place!

I am grateful that this is not a voice that comes into my mind often. Truthfully, it usually only happens when someone questions what I am trying to accomplish. That in and of itself is a reminder that there are times that I still rely on outside validation to make myself feel as though I am doing the right thing for me. Why do I need it from outside sources? Does anyone really know what is best for me other than me? No. I don’t think so. I am a unique individual. I am the one that has lived my life. I have felt my feelings. I have experienced my stories. I know what is best for me. I know already what makes me happy. So, why do I ever doubt this? How can I heal from thinking I am not enough?

I got to a point a few months back where I decided that I was tired of relying on everyone else to give me that validation, sick of needing someone else to tell me whether or not doing what I wanted was the right thing to do, I became irritated and annoyed with myself because I hesitated making any decisions without someone else giving me the thumbs up..therefore, I knew I was ready to turn to the most reliable source I had…ME. I had gotten this far in my life, there was no need to start self sabotaging by self doubting now!

No matter what that mean voice starts saying to me,  I know I have the power to do anything I want to do, and so do YOU. I have found that the key is being able to love yourself enough to be able to validate that belief deep inside your heart, mind and soul. Do things that will set yourself up for success. Take actions. Even if they are baby steps! Stop beating yourself up. Stop looking for approval from outside sources and DO SOMETHING! Get in the right mindset. If you want to lose weight, start small. Don’t do it because you think your fat, do it because you want to be healthy and have energy. Start drinking more water, start walking 1000 extra steps a day, cut down on the snacks and sugars, wear a sports bra to bed so you don’t have the excuse when you wake up in the morning that you have to put on a bra to work out…yes folks, this is a thing. Men, feel grateful you don’t have boobs that will bounce around when doing cardio!) If you want to do more with your kids, don’t tell yourself you’re a bad mom, do it because you want to make memories with your kids and teach them skills and behaviors that will make them grow up knowing that they are loved and cared about. Again, its OK to start with little things. Let them help you cook dinner or breakfast, play a ten minute game of “Go Fish,” turn on some music and dance, go for a walk around the block and look at the beauty of nature. No matter what it is you want to do, realize it, focus on what you can do and start making choices that get you closer to your end goal.

The most important thing to remember is to give yourself a break. You are not going to be able to change your life around in one day, one week, one month, not even 6 months to a year, but you can get closer! Having everything you want in life comes from that constant motion of doing. They are the actions that speak louder than words. It is believing in and loving yourself enough to enjoy each moment of the journey. Each stumble, each fall, each set back are just as much of the story as each victory, success and accomplishment. Surround yourself with like minded people that will help to pick you up when you fail and celebrate with you when you win.

Remember, everyone will want to give you their advice. Everyone has an opinion of the way they think you should do things, it is going to give you reason to doubt yourself, so don’t forget that the most important person to listen to is you. Even if they don’t agree, it’s OK, because it’s what you want and you have the power to validate yourself in your decisions. Ask yourself: Where do YOU want to start to make your life better? What actions are YOU ready to take? Stop waiting for tomorrow and start now! It’s time. I know what it’s going to be for me, do you know what it’s going to be for you? Figure out your next step and go…just do one thing and be on the road to make everything you dream about a reality… starting now!

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