The Ocean and the Sky

When I go to the ocean I am like a child again. I get giddy and overwhelmed with excitement, almost as if it were Disneyland! I love everything about it. I take in that salty, fishy smell. I am hypnotized by the sound it makes as it slaps its waves on the shore and then rushes leaving a trail of bubbles and foam heading back to where it came from just to do it all again.  I get delighted with how unpredictable it is when the water wraps sometimes around my ankles and sometimes catches me of guard and wraps around my waste! There are so many mysteries to uncover. The ocean has emotions. It has life. It is wild and playful. I have watched it, been in it, been on top of it…and I’ve even gotten sick because of it! But my love affair with the never ending body of water is my serenity. It brings me peace. It comforts me and grounds me. When I am near it, I realize how much more there is to this life. I remember how small I am, but I am a part of something far greater.

The sky has become my second love. I have always admired it’s beauty and have been intrigued by it. It blends right into the ocean and they become one so often. Recently though, I am starting to truly have that same sense of complete peace and serenity when I gaze up into it. I notice clouds and colors and majestic symbols in it more than I ever have before. It speaks to me. It calls to me. It gives me that same sense of awe and wonder that reminds me, just like the ocean, how small I am, but I am a part of something far greater.

When I look up into the sky I feel free. I feel forgiveness. I feel peace. Where I live, in Utah, when I look up and see the mountains painted on the sky it reminds me to view my daily situations from my higher self. The birds and the planes I see passing by whispers the message to let go of the challenges, the conflict, the chaos and the fear and to keep using the wings I have built to rise up and soar above it all.

The balance of the ocean and the sky is where my healing journey has given me the confidence to be.   I enjoy being wild, playful, mysterious, unpredictable, peaceful, and inspiring like the ocean, as well as knowing I am magnificent, forgiving, colorful, beautiful and free like the sky. In nature, everything is perfect, everything has wonder and nothing is fully known how it came to be and we all accept and fascination behind it. There is no judgement. Doing that for ourselves is necessary, too. It is the only way to find true peace and comfort in our lives. We must accept the unknown. and believe that there is a purpose, a reason behind it all. Enjoy the journey. Trust that it is perfect. See the fascination and be curious through the clouds, through the storms and through the rainy days, because the sun will always come out again and there will be rainbows, peace and calmness revealed in your soul once it passes by. Being one with nature is necessary to heal, because it just is. Allow yourself to simply be and believe your peace will come.




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  1. If not for your writing this topic could be very covtelunod and oblique.

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