The Adventures of Bug Books

This is a series of adventures written by Chalese and Illustrated by her Uncle Mike. Bug is a representation of Chalese’s son, Kaleb, who passed away in a tragic accident in June of 2004. It helps her keep his adventurous spirit alive when she is writing these books, (more about the author below.) The books are about a pill bug, “Bug,” who is a bit magical and can change his shell different colors as he travels the world, meets new friends, and learns new skills and life lessons along the way. Proceeds from the book sales go to Rainy Days Foundation in order to help support more families going through traumatic and tragic situations in life inspiring hope and love.


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Flutter Bug

Bug wants to learn something new. He knows he can’t fly, but what can his new friend teach him to do. With confidence, practice and support from his friend, he learns the new skill of dancing at the Buggy Ball Dance!

Swashbuckling Bug


“Swashbuckling Bug.”It is awesome!On this adventure Bug runs into a mosquito pirate ship and goes on a treasure hunt. He learns not to judge friends by outer appearance, and learns to share and not be greedy.

Bug Finds the Meaning of Christmas

“Bug Finds the Meaning of Christmas,” Bug spends Christmas with a nice mouse named Cory and learns the true meaning of Christmas.



About the Author:

][author_info]Chalese was inspired to write “The Adventures of Bug” children’s book series after the passing of her four year old son in a tragic accident in 2004. She knew it was important for her own healing journey to find a way to keep his adventurous spirit alive and is doing just that in each of these stories. She is a mother of two other beautiful children, one of the favorite aunts among her nieces and nephews, and has worked with children of all different age ranges, including ones with special needs, for as long as she has been writing. Her own adventurous spirit and playful nature gives her the ability to see the magic, imagination, and life through a child’s eyes, (specifically her late son Kaleb’s,) creating the character of Bug and the new friends he meets along the way. She has a passion for life and understands that each person (or bug) we meet along our path leaves an impact that teaches us valuable life lessons staying with us on every adventure.[/author_info]