You helped me through a very VERY difficult time in November and without help I would still be stuck in a very toxic lifestyle! Life is very precious… now you can continue to help other people in their journey, just as you did when you threw me a rope ♡ I love you.

Gerty Jessop

I have known Chalese Stevens for almost two decades. She has the purest heart and soul of anyone I’ve met. When she lost her Kaleb, she could have so easily drowned in sorrow, but chose instead to honor the life of her little ‘Bug’ by devoting a series of children’s books to him and reaching out with ultimate compassion to touch (and heal) others who have experienced similar loss. Some people have the amazing power to heal wounds – Chalese has the ability to heal souls.


Catrine McGregor

CatMac Entertainment

Chalese has assisted me in working through PTSD and the navigation of finding myself after trauma of nearly losing my baby just weeks after birth. She has acquired life skills that qualify her to work with people finding themselves in major transition. Her approach is a perfect blend humor, grace and logic. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to find deeper truths within themselves, or to those who just need an extra sense of support.

In Gratitude,

Amy Rogin

Twelve years ago Chalese suffered the unthinkable when her young boy Kaleb left this world in a swimming accident. I remember thinking how impossible it would be for a parent to ever live through the pain. But somehow she did. Somehow she found a way to get back up on her feet and live. She is sharing her story of healing. I encourage ANYONE dealing with loss or with loved ones who struggle to reach out to her. Keep flying Chalese, keep flying Kaleb. We love you!!

David H. Stevens