Sunday Supermom Spotlight

This weeks Supermom Spotlight is on Laura Spencer. Laura is one of the most creative, fun and big hearted women I know. Laura somehow manages to balance her husband, five children, (his and hers who range from 10 years old to 20’s, not all of them live at home) and three dogs, (two of them still practically puppies,)  while working a full time job and has countless projects and hobbies on the side. These hobbies include all kinds of crafts as well as baking and decorating cakes. She does all of this while dedicating so much time to her family. Her home is open to all the neighborhood kids and she loves that her house is the place everyone feels welcome. Even though that means her house is usually pure chaos!  I have had the honor of working with her not in my job at IHG, but also next to her with my nonprofit, Rainy Days Foundation. I had three weeks to throw a fundraising event together and I asked her to help. Not only did she bring to life the vision of what I hoped to create, but with all that she enhanced I know we would not have been such a success without her! Not only is she incredibly talented, detail oriented and efficient, but she is also a blast to be around. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime for this foundation that is about to become my livelihood. She was the missing piece to the puzzle and I am honored to have her by my side. I love that she gets just as excited as I do when we have a project to complete, or a family to support. Whatever anyone needs, Laura will find a way to do it. She has definitely earned the spotlight for this week’s Supermom!



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