Sunday Supermom Spotlight: Denise Gibbons

This week I am spotlighting one of my very dear friends, Denise Gibbons. She has been my coworker, work wife and dear friend for around five years now. Anyone who knows her understands why I am spotlighting her today. She works hard to support her family and is one of the best team managers in our company at IHG, which is where our friendship began as me becoming her mentor and has transformed into a lifelong sisterhood. Denise is an incredible inspiration to those around her. As she battles her migraines and health issues, she is the one any one of us can rely on for anything. She is the one that remembers to decorate for birthdays, gives reminders of deadlines and makes sure every single person that she encounters feels important and loved. She is an exceptional mom, not only to her kiddos, but to all of us as well! And even though I will be the first one to give her crap about it, I want her to know that I think the world of her and am so honored and blessed that she is one of my tribe. She has truly become one of my closest friends. She always has a shoulder for me to cry on and a couch for me to crash on…and her husband always has food to feed me and a drink to pour me! Cheers to one of my favorite families I have been adopted into! I love you all!  


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