Sunday Supermom Spotlight: Charlotte Richards

This supermom spotlight is on Charlotte Richards. This mom definitely has earned her spotlight moment. She has been through so much the past few months and her journey is not over yet. However, no matter how tired or overwhelmed she might be, she rarely, if ever, lets it show. (Not that anyone would blame her and would even welcome it if she did!) Earlier this year, her son, Trey was not feeling well. It had been going on for a little bit, when one Monday morning in May she decided something was not right with him. She took him into the doctor, the doctor listened to his heart and knew that he needed to be rushed to the hospital. To make a long story short, he was admitted into the hospital and that is where they spent the next four and a half months waiting for a heart transplant. (To get the full story of Trey you can visit his page on our site.)

Day in and day out she would be up at that hospital tending to her boy, doing all she could to make sure he stayed alive. Not only was she tending to him, but she also had her ten year old daughter Reese who she needed to make sure got some attention as well. Although these kids are incredible and she had so much support from their dad, family and friends,  I can only imagine what it took being the mom, (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually,) to get through each and every day. The news of Trey getting his heart happened 130 days after he was admitted. He went through a successful surgery and within two weeks of that he was finally released to go home! Their journey is far from over. They are now confined to the comforts of their home for the next few months to make sure he is safe from infection so he can finish healing. She, of course, would choose this any day over the hospital room. (Even though everyone there was absolutely amazing!)

Everyone she knows that I have met and spoken with simply light up when they talk about her. I am so honored and blessed to have gotten to know this incredible woman. She is beautiful inside and out.  I have seen the strength, courage and faith it has taken for her to get through the most difficult time in her life and yet, she still always has a smile to greet anyone who walks in the room. I love you, Charlotte and am so grateful to call you my friend!

Charlotte was nominated for the Hometown Hero award and here is her nomination video…it’s beautiful:


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  1. Charlotte Richards

    Oh my stars!!! That was beautiful Chalese. Feel honored to be your spotlight. Love you my friend. 💕

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