Living Your Purpose

I have now gotten the message three times this week to remember to reflect on the experiences I’ve had in life. And you know, once you have been told something 3 times, it’s life screaming at you, “This is important! DO IT!” So, here we go…

2016. It was a rough year, but it was probably the most personal growth I have done in the span of a year in my life! I was diving in deep for healing even more completely than I ever have, my spiritual and physical growth skyrocketed, I got my foundation started, and I saw the world through different eyes. I knew that nothing could defeat me. I found my purpose and it was all I could think about in everything I did. It showed up in my parenting, in my career, it strengthening my relationships and developed deeper friendships.

It wasn’t enough for me to find my purpose though. I have had to really take the steps to surrender to the fact that I have no control of the how I am going to do it or what the outcome looks like, but just trust that because I am following my truth that life will be exactly what I need it to be. I had to integrate my healing and my new found knowledge into my being in order to have the full confidence to say I now know what my purpose is, and truly trust that I will be put in the path of others who could not only teach me hard skills I need to continue growing as well as help them in return. The last two months of this year truly were the integration months. There was a lot of loss in the world that surrounded me, a lot of grieving. I was directly impacted by these losses and grief struck me hard.

It was a different way than I was used to grieving. Since I am a “grief expert,” as I have been called by my friends, I knew the stages of grief I was going through while they were happening. But I still felt so off. I didn’t feel like the empowered, amazing woman I had worked so hard to become anymore. Thank goodness one of my dear friends reminded me that just because I am grieving, does not mean I am lost. It just means I am grieving and I am allowed to feel every way I do. With that reminder, I was able to be in tune of what was going on inside of me and was able to give myself what I needed. I cried…a lot. I surrendered…a lot. I knew I could do nothing but feel this pain as it was flooding through my body, my heart and my mind. As soon as I started getting through the thick of it, the chaos of Christmas was upon us. I handled it like the supermom I am sick boy and all, and the next day the flu swept in and overpowered my body. I was so sick. Sicker than I have been in years. I slept. I rested. I didn’t even do much thinking, my head hurt too bad. I was forced to use up my vacation and personal time to stay home and heal. So, I did. Honestly? It was the best thing I could do for myself. I turned to myself for comfort, love and support, even though I was brought medicine from time to time, I spent most of the time alone.

As I started to feel better, I started to reflect on all that has happened this past year. I knew that even though I was suffering through the heartache, I had never been lost. I never even got bumped down the ladder of success I climbed. (Except in kickboxing…I let that slide. And I indulged in chocolate and carbs!) I did realize that even though I was feeling things coming together in my personal life and figuring out who I was inside, I did take a step back from who I was as a leader at my job. It was time to re-brand myself as a leader. I knew I could only do this if I found a way to incorporate my purpose into it. That is what I have done and the universe has been lining up in ways that I only ever dreamed about. I feel more balanced and complete now than I ever have in my life. And its is only because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, I am living my purpose.

So now, I am asking these questions to you all: What is your purpose in life? Do you know how to find it? Have you dug deep enough to say that you know it? I have found that the more people I ask this question, the more and more I get a wavering answer. I have discovered that the majority of people that I have talked to know WHO they are, but have no idea on their purpose. They go throughout their day doing the necessary things to live, many even go above and beyond to make this happen. We gain knowledge and skills to make our lives better, but how often do we know why we want to be better, or what our purpose is behind it all? This is they key to major success that goes so much deeper than money, it doesn’t leave you feeling without. This is what brings ultimate happiness and joy to a person’s life…at least this is what appears as truth for myself.

I am going to give you some things to ponder:

  • Are you doing what you love in every area of your life?
  • Are you excited to do the majority of things you do everyday?
  • What is the why behind each thing that you are doing?
  • Are you able to be yourself and fulfilled in every role you play?

Once you start digging deep and finding the answers to these questions, pay attention! Start noticing those moments where things start happening that align with not only everything that you need, but everything that you want. You will meet all the right people and will find the success you have only ever dreamed about. You will feel fulfilled every day, because you will know every night you lived in alignment with your truth. You will begin to find honest happiness while loving your life. You will know that you lived another day grateful and humbled that you allowed yourself to work hard on and believe in yourself enough to have found your purpose. 


One thought on “Living Your Purpose

  1. Diane Olds

    Absolutely beautifully written. It’s taken me 14 years to really know why I had to go through what I did after the loss of my son in 2002. I was living for other people and now I let down all my barriers and I can finally be the true self I was meant to be. It’s a daily process but I try to meditate through every decision I make and look at how it will affect my life. Thank you for sharing these things with us. You’re an inspiration to me.

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