There seems to be so much tragedy and loss around us. More so than ever before, the latest being the shooting in Orlando. So much change and tears and heartache that keeps us in a state of unhappiness and pain. Rainy Days Foundation is a non profit organization that helps individuals, with a particular focus on children, who have experienced a sudden loss. The reason why I started this organization was because I have been on my own healing journey after tragically losing my 4 year old son from drowning in a water park pool. I was a single mom and lost my entire world when I lost him.

I have had quite the healing journey for myself and feel as if I am now on the other side. Don’t get me wrong, I miss him everyday, and it is because of this that I know it is time to continue to use these wings I have built to help coach and support others through their trying times. The ways in which I am going to do this are to:

  • Coaching and mentoring packages for the healing journey of individuals and children experiencing sudden loss.
  • Available for interviews and speaking events and book signings for my children’s books series, The Adventures of Bug.
  • A financial support to help families with unexpected costs and expenses that arise.
  • Be a resource to help guide and direct people to find their unique path for healing.
  • Host children’s camps and retreats to help them build confidence, coping mechanisms, and leadership skills.

It is my hope that I can benefit others through their journey of trying to find their own life after death. It is not easy and no one should do it alone.


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