From The Eyes of Trey

Rainy Days Foundation has been with Trey along his entire journey. Since becoming friends with this family I have had the opportunity to tell his story, (he even has his own page on this site,) throw a fundraising event for him, post updates on progress, and have even interviewed his parents on a Coffee Talk Tuesday last year. This time, we get to hear from Trey himself as well as give him a special gift, so, make sure to watch all the way through to the end!

Trey’s journey is far from over. There are still multiply doctors appointments for check ups and tests. Along with having to take several different kinds of medications, (he did go from taking thirteen to now only seven!)

Trey takes those yucky meds like a champ though!

Besides appointments and meds, he has to live life a little bit differently than he was used to. He is very susceptible to germs and illness, so has to do his studies from home. He is lucky to have an amazing teacher that has gone above and beyond, making sure that he feels as included as she can, by doing fun activities with the class, like visits in the hospital, letting the class FaceTime him during their Halloween parade, and making continued house visits to check up on him! She is incredible and, Miss “M”…you totally deserve a shout out!!!

Trey also has a pretty great sister who has really had to step up her game in the “Big Sis” department. Since she has become such great friends with my daughter, I have had the opportunity to get to know her very well, and she is just awesome! She has been through a lot too, and I want to recognize her for that!

Trey is healing incredibly well and is doing as many “normal” 6-year old, (almost 7,) things as possible. He definitely doesn’t let a little thing like a heart transplant hold him back!

If there is one thing I have been reminded of from Trey, his parents, and even his awesome big sister, is to live, accept and surrender to the moment. Life has a way of rerouting our ideas of what we thought would be, and gives us the challenges and battles that it knows, somehow, we can endure. The only way to get through the toughest times is to keep on moving forward, even if you get knocked down. Keep fighting, and show the world there will always be that spark inside of you and that you will always pick up your shield and fight with all your heart!

A special shout out to Lisa Hall for the amazing photo! Also, to Charlotte for arranging time for me to come over and do this interview. Also, to Trey, for, well, just being #TREYSTRONG!


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