It is an odd thing that happens. I think they call this writers block! I have been preparing my presentation of my story for weeks now…I’ve been telling it for years…and yet, I’ve been getting stuck over and over and over.


On the anniversary of a loved one’s passing, you never know what triggers might come up, what sadness or heartache will arise. This is year twelve for me. I feel as if I am enveloped in clouds. I am heavy. My heart hurts.


There seems to be so much tragedy and loss around us. More so than ever before, the latest being the shooting in Orlando. So much change and tears and heartache that keeps us in a state of unhappiness and pain. Rainy Days Foundation is a non profit organization that helps individuals, with a particular focus on children, who have experienced a sudden loss.


No situation is the same. Circumstances are different, but the feelings all too similar. I never read a grief book, never went to a group therapy session. I didn’t want to. I wanted my pain. I wanted it for myself. No one understood exactly what I was feeling, or so I thought.