The Founder

Chalese Stevens is the founder of the nonprofit, Rainy Days Foundation, which helps individuals heal after loss.  She is the host of Coffee Talk Tuesday with Chalese, a motivational speaker, children’s book author, leadership coach, and energy healer.

Her story comes from a tragic accident in which resulted in the loss of her 4 year old son. She tells about her journey of healing and how she found the strength to carry on. She built her wings and now is helping others to build theirs. She began writing The Adventures of Bug children’s book series in hopes that her son’s thrill of adventure will live on.

Chalese is also blessed with two more beautiful children that keep her on her toes and remind her of what is truly important in life. In her free time she enjoys spending time with people she loves, writing, singing karaoke, kickboxing and painting. Her infectious laugh, passion for life and ambitious “no fear” attitude build strong and lasting relationships, inspiring those who come into her life.

Please contact Chalese via email or call (818) 239-6764 to schedule a speaking event.

To purchase one of her books, please visit: The Adventures of Bug Books